School Christmas Cards
Fund Raising Christmas Card Project

Introducing School Christmas Cards

DigiPrint Christmas are one of the UK's leading providers of personalised Christmas cards. In addition to cards for companies and individuals we are run a project for School PTAs to have their children's artwork turned into professional quality Christmas Cards. How does it work?

Profits for the PTA

We retail the cards to PTA at (£3.60 inc VAT) payable after the cards have been delivered. Typically schools charge parents in the region of £5-£6 for a pack of 12 cards, resulting in a healthy profit for the school's PTA. Using our DigiPrint School Fundraising Christmas Cards Project a school with 200 students can easily make a profit in the region of £300, with very little effort on the part of the PTA contact. The other aspect of this is that Children get an incredible sense of achievement seeing their artwork turned into good quality Christmas cards that they can send to their friends or the family can send as their Christmas cards for the year.

More Information about our Christmas Cards for Schools

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