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Little Dippers

Baby swimming at Little Dippers

Did you know that newborn babies have a remarkable skill?

If put underwater they'll open their eyes, hold their breath an in-built response known as the mammalian dive reflex, stops any water getting into their lungs. After only a year, this reflex is almost gone and any baby in water will cough and splutter, like the rest of us.

Little Dippers is an inspirational training programme pioneered over the last ten years. Using the dive reflex, classes teach the youngest of children to not only enjoy and become confident in water but to equip them with skills that may one day save their lives.

Introducing babies to swimming aids and improves babies and children's development- physical, intelligence, language, emotional and social.






What the press say...

"I took my baby daughter Poppy to her first swimming class for all the wrong reasons. The other parents were there to help their little darlings feel more comfortable in the water. Me, I just wanted to see Poppy turn into one of those cool underwater babies. Poppy's lessons have had a truly astounding effect on her development. At seven months she is dramatically stronger and more agile than her brother at the same age. I bitterly regret not taking him to one of Lauren's classes."
James Dellingpole, Daily Telegraph.

"From a very gentle start, supported by lots of praise from the parents, they gradually progress from a few dips under the surface, and by the end of the first course the babies are able to manage to swim from one person to another under the water and come up merrily with no sense of panic - indeed they open their eyes with wonder while submerged and look around."

"For a new parent, it can be awesome to discover just what this helpless infant is capable of, which in turn can lead to a better understanding and stimulation from an early age. Realising that a four month old can respond to a command like "Hold on!" leads to trying the same thing on land.
And, although babies cannot learn actual swimming strokes until they are older, the need for parents to keep up what has been learned in Little Dippers classes with weekly trips to the swimming pool means early habits of regular fun exercises are instilled which introduces your child to the benefits of an active lifestyle
Times Educational Supplement

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Classes are held in Leek and Derby approximately every 10-12 weeks.

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For more information on Little Dippers classes in Derby contact Claire Mosson, Telephone 07582 978124, E-mail, . For other areas of the country visit