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Issue 19 : January 06

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 19 : January 2006

Welcome to the first edition of 2006.  Rather later in 
the month than usual owing to my holidays.  I hope you 
had a good New Year and continue to find this newsletter 
useful.  To read previous issues, subscribe or cancel your 
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  - What's New at the Web Site?
  - Children's Book of the Month: 
    You're Somebody Special, Walliwigs!
  - News and Events

What's New at the Web Site?

    Soft play centre in Burslem, Staffordshire. 10 am daily.

Toy Library, Wirksworth
    The Wirksworth Toy Library meets upstairs in the Health 
    Education Room of Hannage Brook Medical Centre.  The 
    Library now runs fortnightly on the first and third 
    Tuesday afternoons of each month (1.30 - 3 pm). 

Byrkley Park Garden Centre
    Farm animals, tropical and coldwater fish and a 
    small playground.

Internet Sales
    Sales are on over the internet - check out some of 
    the best offers at...


  Think you may have postnatal illness?  The support and 
  help you need is at the PNI-UK web site - 
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.

Book of the Month - You're Somebody Special, Walliwigs!

by Joan Rankin
ISBN: 0370323181 
9.99 from Amazon.co.uk

Walliwigs is different from the other chickens.  He is thin 
and scrawny.  In fact, he's not a chicken at all: he's a 
parrot.  But Martha the hen loves him as her own.  

The other birds in the hen house are rude about Walliwigs, 
and he doesn't always find it easy being different.  But 
one day the ornithologist who lives next door recognises 
him as an endangered species.  And as Martha always knew, 
Walliwigs is now a very special bird indeed.

Joan Rankin's watercolour illustrations show the humour in 
the story, which is much more gentle than the original 
"Ugly Duckling".

For ages from three to six.

About the Author
Joan Rankin was born in 1940 in Johannesburg.  She began 
her career illustrating other people's books but in 1997 
started writing her own.  She says that she prefers 
psychologically based stories because they have more 
depth.  She also prefers to work with animal characters 
because "humans have so many political agendas".  She 
bases her ideas on real life problems, particularly those 
small children encounter. 

For more good children's books see 

News and Events

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Women who struggle to conceive more likely to have sons
  Women who take longer to get pregnant are more likely to 
  have sons than those who conceive quickly, a new study 
  indicates.  For every additional year a couple tries to 
  conceive a baby naturally, there is an almost 4% higher 
  probability of having a baby boy.

Oily fish makes Clever Babies
  Eating oily fish and seeds in pregnancy can boost 
  children's future brain power and social skills, 
  research suggests.  The researcher recommends women 
  consume two portions of wild or organic salmon, trout 
  or sardines weekly.  Seeds such as flax, pumpkin and 
  hemp are good sources of Omega-3 for vegetarians, but 
  large quantities need to be consumed to gain the same 
  effect.  This might translate to two tablespoons of 
  seeds daily, but women can also use a high quality 
  Omega-3 supplement.

Vitamin D makes stronger babies
  Giving pregnant women vitamin D could mean their 
  babies grow stronger bones in  later life, a study 
  suggests.  Vitamin D is crucial for the absorption of 
  calcium which is in itself key in the formation of 
  healthy bones.

Large rise in infant sofa deaths
  There has been a four-fold increase in infants dying 
  after falling asleep with a parent on a sofa, research 
  shows. A team at Bristol's Royal Children's Hospital 
  warns "cot death" does not always mean a cot - about 
  30 babies die in the UK a year after sharing a sofa. 
  The researchers say parents should never snuggle up 
  with very young children on a sofa if they feel tired. 

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