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Issue 76 : January 2011

Welcome to the first newsletter of the year.

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What's New at the Under-Fives Web Site?

Mummy Mornings
   Relax and be spoilt at free Mummy Mornings on the 
   first and third Wednesday of every month at 9.30 am 
   at a new venue, Eat Central, Westfield Shopping Centre. 
   Each morning is themed, from style and beauty sessions, 
   to advice on relaxation and wellbeing. Come down and 
   enjoy some special me-time with other mums, dads and 
   carers over a free cup of coffee.

   Even more preschools are now on the Under-Fives site. 
   A pre-school offers a range of learning, play and social 
   activities for children aged between around two and 
   five for about 3 hours a day in term time. Pre-schools 
   are registered and inspected annually by OFSTED to 
   make sure they are appropriately staffed and resourced. 
   Half the staff must hold a formal childcare and 
   early education qualification. 

   Playgroups in Mickleover and Alvaston are now listed 
   along with many others in Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

Childminders and Babysitters
   More childminders and babysitters in Derbyshire and 
   Staffordshire are now listed at 

Special Offers and On-Line Discount Codes

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News and Events

Please send announcements of future children's events to
Weaning before six months may help breastfed babies
  Relying purely on breastfeeding for the first six months 
  might not be best for babies, experts in the UK have warned.

Sure Start maternity grant cuts begin
  About 150,000 families will miss out on maternity grants 
  each year due to a cut which is being imposed from 
  24 January. The 500 per child Sure Start maternity grant 
  is being restricted to the first child in a family. 

Obese pregnant women have more complicated births: research
  Women who were overweight or obese before they conceived 
  were more likely to have a longer pregnancy, need to have 
  labour induced artificially and to go on to require 
  caesarean section births, according to research by 
  Liverpool University on almost 30000 women.

IVF egg donors 'to be paid thousands'
  Women are set to receive thousands of pounds for donating 
  their eggs under a plan to help more infertile women conceive. 
  It would remove the current limit of 250 compensation 
  for undergoing the complex process, which involves taking 
  powerful and potentially dangerous drugs and having a 
  'harvesting' operation.

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