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Issue 8 : February 05

The Newsletter for the Under-Fives
Issue 8 : February 2005

Welcome to Issue 8:  I hope you find it useful.  If so, 
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  - What's New at the Web Site?
  - Money-Off Offers
  - Children's Book of the Month: Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  - Other News

What's New at the Web Site?

Little Dippers Baby Swimming
  Entire web page dedicated to underwater swimming for 
  babies. Did you know, for example, that if newborn babies 
  are put underwater they'll open their eyes and hold 
  their breath. After only a year, this reflex is almost 
  gone and any infant in water will cough and splutter, 
  like the rest of us.  For more on the benefits of early 
  immersion, see

  Adventure playground, steam train, indoor play centre  
  and woodland trails.

Let me know of any places or activities not yet on the 
web site by filling in the form at

Money-Off Offers

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  clothes. Click here for details.

Save Money on Travel Insurance
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Book of the Month - Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  

by Bill Martin
Puffin Books, 1995
ISBN: 0140502963  
Recommended price: 5.99

Colour and animals are used in this book alongside 
simple rhyming text and repetition. On every page a new 
animal introduces us to the one coming next.  Each is a 
different colour - not always the one you expect.  Not 
many bright blue horses and purple cats around Ashbourne.

A favourite with the youngest of children yet 
remains popular even when they grow older.

For 33% off at Amazon on-line booksellers click

For more recommended books see 

News and Events

Talk helps babies read
  Parents are being encouraged to talk to their children 
  from an early age as part of a new campaign. Research 
  suggests talking to young children improves reading, 
  writing and numeracy.   
  For the Basic Skills talking pack see

First biological test for ADHD unveiled
  The first biological test for attention-deficit 
  hyperactivity disorder has been developed. The 
  researchers claim the diagnosis, based on examination of 
  eye movements, is more than 93% accurate and could lead to 
  earlier identification and treatment for children with the 

Bones grow most at night time
  The notion that children grow taller while they sleep 
  is probably true, US researchers say

Children damaged by passive smoking
  Children regularly exposed to smoking are three times 
  more likely to contract lung cancer in later life than 
  those in non-smoking homes, research suggests. 

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, 2005
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