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Issue 20 : February 06

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 20 : February 2006

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What's New at the Web Site?

Underwater Swimming Babies: Little Dippers
  Teach your baby to swim underwater - new dates and 
  locations in February.


  Think you may have postnatal illness?  The support and 
  help you need is at the PNi-SHA web site - 
  PNi-SHA: Registered Charity 1105767.

Book of the Month - Do Like a Duck Does

by Judy Hindley
ISBN: 0744594804 
4.79 from Amazon.co.uk

The expressions on the faces of the fox and the duck in 
this book almost tell the story for you.  When a young 
fox takes an interest in a brood of ducklings, their 
mamma asks "Do you think you're a duck"?  Quick on 
the uptake the fox answers "Yes I am!...It's really, 
really true! I can waddle, I can scuttle. I can strut 
a little, too. I'm a duck! I'm a duck! I'm a duck like you!"

The fox works hard at being a duck but is finally 
defeated by the ducking and diving lesson, to be 
dispatched with his tail between his legs.

The story lilts along rhythmically and inspired my 3-year 
old to strut around the kitchen - whether she was being 
the fox or the duck I'm not sure.

For ages from three to five.
Available from Amazon at 

About the Author
Judy Hindley is an American who married an Englishman. 
She has written more than fifty books, many in verse 
and about different sorts of subject matter, from spies 
to string.

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News and Events

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New child jab for lethal disease
  The UK childhood vaccination programme is being extended 
  to include protection against a disease which causes 
  blood poisoning, meningitis and pneumonia.  The 
  pneumococcal disease vaccine will be given from April 
  in a baby's first year.

Childcare Costs Increased by 27% in Five Years
  Childcare costs have outstripped inflation by 20% since
  2000.  However, childcare in the Midlands is one of 
  the cheapest in the country.

Tough Times Spur Miscarriages of Boys
  During times of widespread stress, a mother's body may
  be more likely to spontaneously terminate weak especially 
  male foetuses, a recent study suggests. The phenomenon has 
  been observed in many animal populations-including humans. 
  Their data support the idea that stressed mothers' bodies 
  may develop a mechanism to reject especially weak male 
  offspring whom they might have otherwise carried to term. 
  The authors caution, however, that the research has little 
  to do with individual births.

Premature babies can defy odds
  Premature infants can defy the odds and achieve the same 
  education and employment levels as those of normal 
  birthweight, a study suggests.  Although the children 
  might struggle when they were young, by the time they 
  reached adulthood no differences were apparent.

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