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The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 172: January/February 2020

Welcome to the first Under-Fives newsletter of 2020: thanks for subscribing. You can download this newsletter as a pdf file here.


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Parent and toddler group

Parent and Toddler Group

Parent and toddler groups allow your children to socialise with others, play with new toys and join in activities. Research shows that children develop and learn best through play and fun activities - exactly what parent and toddler groups offer.

at nursery

Find a Nursery

More day nurseries now listed at

Events for the Under-Fives

E-mail your event to jill@under-fives.org and I'll be pleased to publish it here.

What the Tortoise Taught Us

Meet Zelva, the beautiful giant Tortoise. Also see a range of real animals including reptiles, meerkats and many more. Free, 11am - 4pm.

February Half Term at Trentham Monkey Forest

Staffordshire's furriest residents open their doors as Trentham Monkey Forest reopens on the 15th February. 15% off online tickets if visiting on the 15th and 16th February using the code 15YEARS.

Monkey forest

Lamb week at Lower Drayton Farm

Lots of lovely lambs who need bottle feeding to help them thrive, 15-23 February.

Half term fun at World of Wedgwood

From fun creative activities to factory tours, half price childrens meals and hand and foot printing. 15-23 February.

New Life on the Adventure Farm

See baby lambs, kids, chicks and calves. You can also bottle feed the lambs and possibly see one being born in the Lambing Live tent. 15 - 23 February 2020 at the National Forest Adventure Farm.

Milkshake! Live

Milkshake Monkey can't wait to put on a spectacular new musical for you on 16 February at The Gatehouse Theatre.

Half Term at Chatsworth

15-23 February in the farmyard and playground. Create your own pirate hat and a squawking parrot or handle cuddly guinea pigs.

Pregnancy and Under-Fives News

Round up of news about mothers-to-be, childcare, babies, toddlers and young children.

The power of a parent's positive communication on a baby's brain

Scientists show that a mother and baby's brains are more strongly in sync with one another when the mum expresses positive emotions. It is thought this may help a baby to learn and their brain to develop.

Drinking AND smoking in later pregnancy increases risk for SIDS:

Infants in the womb exposed to both alcohol and cigarettes continuing beyond the first trimester have a substantially higher risk for Sudden Infant Death syndrome compared to those unexposed, exposed to alcohol or cigarettes alone, or when mother reported quitting early in pregnancy.

Mothers' higher fat diets linked with long-term health of infants

A mother's higher fat diet is associated with an increased risk of disease in their children in later years.

Pregnant woman

Babies who live near heavily polluted roads have 'less grey matter in their brains' by the age of 12, study finds

Brain volume shrunk by up to four per cent in some regions of the brain, researchers found.

No link found between caesarean section and obesity in boys

The recent rise in the number of babies being born by caesarean section has been linked to the rise in childhood obesity. New large study suggests that this isn't true.

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