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Issue 10 : April 05

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 10 : April 2005

Welcome to April's issue: I hope you enjoy it.  To read 
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What's New at the Web Site?

PostNatal illness-Support & Help Association
  A new page dedicated to PNI-UK - a charity dedicated to 
  offering information, emotional support and practical 
  help to women and their families affected by birth 
  trauma or any type of postnatal illness.


 Get your own page on the web for just £75.  That's a 
 one-off payment: nothing more to pay ever.  We get over 
 2000 visitors a month looking for information on things 
 to do with the under-fives.  For more information see 

Bumpi's BIG Adventure
  Large indoor adventure play area with coffee bar. Open 
  7 days 10am - 6:30pm. Five minutes from Pride Park.

Aquatots at Cariba Creek
  Wednesday and Friday 9 am to 10.30 am, free waterpark 
  sessions with floats and toys for the under-fives 
  (4.50 for adults), at Alton Tower's Cariba Creek.

Book of the Month - Kipper   

by Mick Inkpen
Hodder Children's Books, 1994
ISBN: 0340746769
Available second-hand from Amazon for just 35p

Kipper decides his basket needs tidying, but when he has 
thrown out his toys and blanket it is decidely 
uncomfortable.  Other animals seem cosy without a basket, 
so Kipper tries the sleeping habits of wrens, frogs, 
squirrels, lambs and rabbits; with very little success.

The first Kipper book and very funny: you won't get tired of 
reading it aloud.  For ages 1 to 4.

For more recommended books see 

News and Events

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NCT Nearly New Sale
  Children's clothes, toys, maternity wear and equipment.
  9 April, 10.00 am until 12:00 pm.  The Empire Ballroom, 
  Ashbourne, Derbyshire (next to Sainsbury's carpark). 
  More details contact Kate on 01889 591765

  Save Money on Travel Insurance...Book your travel 
  insurance on-line with Essential Travel and save up to 
  50% compared to the cost of booking with a high 
  street travel agent.  Extremely competitive rates 
  for families - for more details visit

Little Dippers Swimming Classes for Babies
  16-17 April, near Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.  
  Book by March 18th to be sure of a place.

TV could create child bullies
  Four-year-old children who watch more television than 
  average are more likely to become bullies, research 
  suggests.  The study of 1,266 four-year-olds also showed 
  mental stimulation, such as outings, being read to and 
  eating with parents reduced the risk of bullying.

Children's tastes develop early
  Psychologists have found that babies weaned on rusks are 
  more likely to go on to prefer foods such as crisps 
  and chips later in life.  Babies exposed to a range of 
  tastes by the age of one, including fruit and vegetables, 
  went on to show a greater preference for those tastes 
  later on.

Pre-school autism therapy study to start
  A therapy to improve the communication skills of 
  children with autism before they get to school is being 
  tested.  The Medical Research Council is funding a 
  four-year University of Manchester project to explore new 
  ways for parents and autistic children to communicate. 

Children More Vulnerable than Adults to Carcinogens
  Children may be more vulnerable than adults to cancer 
  risks from certain gene-damaging chemicals, according to 
  the US Environmental Protection Agency.  The EPA said 
  children 2 years old and younger might be 10 times more 
  vulnerable than adults to certain chemicals.  Children 
  between the ages of 2 and 16 might be three times more 
  vulnerable to certain chemicals. Astonishingly under the 
  previous American EPA guidelines cancer risks to children 
  were assumed to be no greater than to similarly 
  exposed adults.  

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