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Issue 22 : April 06

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 22 : April 2006

Easter holidays are here - if you are stuck for 
somewhere to go with your children check out the web 
site at https://www.under-fives.org/activity.html

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What's New at the Web Site?

Birthday Parties
   In need of ideas of where to hold your child's birthday 
   party?  Visit the new party page at 


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Sunbeams Preschool
   St Marys School, Uttoxeter. Run morning (9.00-11.30), 
   lunch (11.30-1.00) and afternoon sessions (1.00-3.00) 
   and take children from 3 years old.

Denstone Preschool Playgroup
   Sessions available to children aged two and a half 
   years up to school age (Term Time Only).  Providers of 
   Nursery Care for All Saints First School, Denstone.  

The Little Rascals Club
   St John's Community Centre, off King Street, Ashbourne. 
   Contact Sally Smalley on 01335 346735

Book of the Month - 
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig  

by Eugenios Trivizas
ISBN: 1405209453
10% Off at Amazon.co.uk

A reversal of the traditional Three Little Pigs fairy-

In this story three little wolves erect a solid brick
house.  The big bad pig comes along and when huffing and 
puffing fails to work, he uses a sledgehammer to bring 
the house down.  Next the wolves build a home of 
concrete: The pig demolishes it with his pneumatic drill. 
The three little wolves choose an even stronger design 
next time round: they erect a house made of steel with
a video entry system.  But the pig blows it up with 
dynamite. It is only when the wolves construct a rather 
fragile house made of flowers, that the pig pauses to 
smell the lovely scent, has a change of heart, realises 
how horrible he has been and he becomes a big good pig.

The author wanted to teach children to consider acts 
rather than stereotypes.  "There are good and bad deeds 
not good and bad people."

But even if the children miss the lesson, it's a great 
story with lovely illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.

For ages three and up.

Available from Amazon at

About the Author
Born in Athens, Eugene Trivizas is one of Greece's 
leading writers for children.  Three Little Wolves was 
his first children's book in English.  It has since 
been translated into 15 languages.  When not writing for 
children he teaches criminology at the University of 
Reading.  Indeed, it was his experience as a criminologist 
and criminal law specialist that prompted him to write the 
story.  In 1997 Dr Trivizas won a legal battle against 
Coca-Cola, preventing the multinational company from 
registering in Greece the title of his comic-strip books 
"Fruitopia" as a trade mark for soft drinks.

For more good children's books see 

News and Events

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newsfeed from https://www.under-fives.org/newsfeed.html
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Babylab to work out what goes on in babies' minds
   Psychologists at the University of Manchester have set 
   up a "BabyLab" within the University, to try and learn 
   more about how babies acquire knowledge. Parents with a 
   child between three and five months of age who are able 
   to help should email babylab@manchester.ac.uk for more 
   information.  Each baby will be asked to visit the 
   University once or twice, with parents/caregivers 
   remaining with them at all times and being asked to 
   complete some short questionnaires during the visit. 

 Trampoline safety measures urged
   New safety guidelines are needed to stem the rise in 
   trampoline-related injuries, child health experts say.
   Light people are five times more likely to 
   be injured, and children under six years old are 
   particularly vulnerable.

 Anti-depressant stillbirth link
   Use of a type of SSRI anti-depressant medication during 
   pregnancy may increase the risk of a stillborn baby, 
   research suggests.  However experts said women should 
   not stop taking medication without medical advice.


  Pregnant and depressed?  The support and 
  help you need is at the PNI-UK web site - 
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.

High meat diet can stress baby
  High protein, low carbohydrate diets should be 
  avoided during pregnancy as they can lead to more 
  stressed offspring, research suggests.  The study 
  found the more meat the mother ate, the higher the 
  levels of stress hormone cortisol in the child.

Premature Babies Feel Pain
   Premature babies experience feelings of pain rather 
   than simply displaying reflex reactions, a study says.
   The findings may lead to more formal plans for 
   managing pain in premature babies.

Announce your Event
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