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Issue 56 : April 2009

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 56 : April 2009

Welcome to April's newsletter: I hope you had a good Easter. 

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What's New at the Under-Fives Web Site?

Baby Massage
   Now available in Hilton, Littleover, Allestree, Belper
	 and Matlock.
   We've listed more childminders at   
   Nursery listings have also grown at   

News and Events

Free Play Sessions for Community Groups
   Miriam Gale is a Creative Play Worker based in East
   Staffordshire. She has funding from the borough council    
	 to offer free play sessions for community groups in the    
	 area.  If anyone is interested they can contact her for    
	 more information and photos of previous work at    

Bed sharing 'risks babies' lives'    
   Parents are being warned not to risk their babies' lives    
	 by sharing a bed with them while sleeping.  Latest evidence    
	 shows bed sharing is implicated in about half of cot deaths.   
Child behaviour 'linked to sleep'
   Simply getting a good night's sleep could reduce levels of    
	 hyperactivity and bad behaviour among children, a study says.   
Gene variant found in 65% of autism cases
   A genetic variant carried by more than two thirds of people    
	 with autism might eventually help identify babies at high    
	 risk of the disorder.   

'Nursemaid' cells reveal the best IVF eggs
    Genetic clues contained in the cells that nurture developing
		human eggs may reveal those that are most likely to produce   
		healthy embryos.   

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