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The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 134: April 2016

Welcome the Under-Fives newsletter - I hope you find it useful. Don't forget to get in touch and tell us about the baby groups you've been to and places for children you've been. We love to hear from you.

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More activities for the under-fives

Thanks for sending us info about the activities you've been to with your little ones. See what's recommended at

Events for the Under-Fives

E-mail your event to jill@under-fives.org and I'll be pleased to publish them here.

Donkey Sanctuary Open Day

1st May from 10 'til 4, Ashbourne Road, Buxton. Meet the rescued and unwanted donkeys - admission free.

Toy Collectors and Bear Fair

1st May 10.30 'til 15.30. Up to 60 stalls of Modern and Vintage Toys, Trains, Lego, Artwork, Memorabilia and more.

Pig Wash Day

2nd May, 11 am. If you've never see a 50 stone porker get scrubbed up before, this is a day not to miss. Rare breed pigs get a pampering at Shugborough Estate.

Plant Share with Family Activities

7th May, 11-2. Fox Cubs connects you and your cubs with nature through a range of community gardening, craft and art activities. Including parachute games, slug and snail searches, bug hunts. Adults can swap fruit and veg seedlings and plants. Foxlowe Art Centre, Leek.

Animal Trail at The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

Sun 1 May - Thu 30 Jun 2016, admission one pound. Help Ozzy Owl find 12 animals from the Beatrix Potter's much loved stories.

Pregnancy and Under-Fives News

Why babies all over the world are now sleeping in boxes

The Finnish baby box and its contents is credited with helping Finland achieve one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates.

Baby in Box

Parents who constantly check mobile phones will raise children with short attention spans, study suggests

Parents who look at their phones or get distracted when playing with their children may raise youngsters with short attention spans, research suggests.

Nurturing helps children's brains grow twice as fast

Research found a key brain structure to grow more than twice as quickly in youngsters whose mothers were affectionate and supportive than those with cold and distant parents.

Babies have basic social skills at just seven months

Researchers have revealed that seven month old babies have basic social skills and can understand what their parents and relatives are up to.

Breast milk: Hundreds of different sugar molecules boost baby immunity

Breast milk's unique composition is key to boost babies' microbiota and immune system, scientists have said. The 200 different sugar molecules it contains sets it apart from other mammals' milk

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