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Issue 23 : May 06

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 23 : May 2006

Welcome to the May newsletter.  Edward Bear sessions, at 
St Oswald's Church, have been on the web site since we 
started.  Up until now they have been run by Jo White, but 
she is leaving this month.  So thank you Jo for all your 
hardwork with the children and good luck for the future.

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What's New at the Web Site?

Softplay: St Oswalds, Ashbourne
   Marie getting the St Oswalds softplay sessions 
   running again on Thursday afternoons, and is looking 
   for a team of parents to help out on a rota basis. If 
   you can help please text 07738007803 or e-mail 


  Book your travel insurance on-line with Essential Travel  
  and save up to 50% compared to the cost of booking with a 
  high street travel agent.  Free cover for children 
  available. For more details visit

Rudyard Lake Steam Railway
   Three mile return scenic steam train trip along the 
   side of Rudyard Lake.  Many special event days for kids 
   such as Easter egg specials, Lollipop specials, 
   Halloween and Santa Specials. 

Zoom: Carsington Water
   Open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm.  On the expensive 
   side (children 1-4 yrs 3.95, 5-12 yrs 4.35). 
   Multi-level soft indoor play area with ball shower, 
   waterfall slides, giant balls, tube slide etc.

Book of the Month - The Mousehole Cat

by Antonia Barber. Illustrated by Nicola Bayley
ISBN: 1844289109
40% Off at Amazon.co.uk

At the far end of England is the fishing village of 
Mousehole, so named because of the smallness of its 
harbour and the narrowness of its harbour mouth.  Once, 
a cat called Mowzer lived there with an old fisherman 
called Tom.  Every day they ate mouth-watering meals of 
fresh fish--morgy-broth, baked hake, kedgeree or 
star-gazy pie.  

But then, one terrible winter, the Great Storm-Cat came 
clawing and snarling and leaping at the harbour walls 
so that no boat could go out to fish. And soon, with 
Christmas coming, there was no food left in Mousehole.

It was then that Tom and Mowzer set out in their little 
boat to try and save their village. 

This is one of the most beautifully illustrated 
children's books we own.  Nicola Bayley is well known 
for her paintings of cats, and her storm cat is exquisite.  
That, together with the poetic way that Antonia Barber 
retells the old Cornish story makes this book a 
pleasure to own.

For ages three and up.

Available from Amazon at

About the Author
Antonia Barber has written many books for children, several 
of which have won awards.  She lives in Kent and 
Mousehole, Cornwall. 

For more good children's books see 

News and Events

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without waiting for this newsletter, then grab our 
newsfeed from https://www.under-fives.org/newsfeed.html
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events via e-mail, your web site or any news feed reader.

Rhythm and Rhyme Dance Workshops
  Professional dancer Sarah Duff will be leading workshops 
  for children aged 5 and under, with their carers.  
  Sessions use stories, rhymes, songs, movement and music. 
  Locations in Derbyshire in June. Free but you need 
  to book.

Baby Hands and Feet Clay Workshop
  Create a permanent record out of clay from your 
  child's hands and feet. Imperial Rooms, Matlock, 
  8 June, 1.30-3 pm. Free but you need to book. 


  Reach 3000 visitors a month through our web site.  
  For just 50 get your own page on the site.  That's a 
  one-off payment: nothing more to pay ever. 
  Or advertise on the site for just 2 a month.  For more 
  information see 

Television Time increases Toy Requests
  New research shows that for each additional hour per 
  day that a child watches television, an average of one 
  additional request is made for an advertised product. 
  The effect of the commercials on children lasts up to 
  20 weeks.

Close and far apart pregnancies linked to premature births
  Spacing pregnancies too close together - or too far 
  apart - can increase the risk of premature birth, 
  researchers report. Infants born to women who conceived 
  within six months of their previous birth have a 
  40% increased risk of preterm birth. Pregnancies spaced 
  longer than 5 years have a significantly higher risk of 
  problems than those spaced 18 to 23 months apart.
  The scientists suspect that women who have just had a 
  baby have diminished nutritional stores, especially if 
  they breastfeed. 


  Think you may have postnatal depression or illness? 
  The support and help you need is at the PNI-UK 
  web site - http://www.pni-uk.com/
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.

UK extends gene screening of embryos
  The genetic screening of embryos for a wider range of 
  diseases, including breast, ovarian and colon cancers, 
  has been approved by the UK's fertility authority.

Men's friendliness to children shows in their faces
  Women may be able to tell whether a man is child-friendly 
  simply by looking at his face - and this could influence 
  how attractive they find him as a potential long-term 

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