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Issue 37 : August 07

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 37 : August 2007
Welcome to the August issue: I hope you are enjoying the 
holidays and finding plenty to do.  Look for ideas at the 
web site and let me know if there are any activities or 
attractions you want to recommend.

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  - What's New at the Web Site?
  - Buying School Uniform
  - Special Offers
  - News and Events

What's New at the Web Site?

Happy Hands Baby Signing Music Group
  Weekly sessions start in September, in Ashbourne 
  (Derbyshire) during term time.  Encourages your baby to use 
  the signs and gestures which are part of learning to talk.

Freshfields Donkey Village
  Open 10.30 am to 4 pm every day. Peak Forest, near 
  Buxton. Tel: 01298 79775. Cafeteria open Friday-Sunday.

Sudbury Hall Exhibition of Toys
  Exhibition of "must have toys" including Buzz Lightyear. 
  Other events include Animal Safari and Treasure chests. 
  Each activity 1 pound per child, to 28 October. (Ticket 
  to visit Sudbury Hall also required). Sudbury, 
  Derbyshire. Tel: 01283 585337.

Nurseries in Derbyshire and Staffordshire
  Many more nurseries are now listed in the web site.

Dizzy the Wizard
  Party games, face painting, puppet, stories, magic, plus 
  presents for birthday child and sweets for everyone. 
  Hulland Ward, Derbyshire, tel: 01335 372744.

Buying School Uniform

Many of you will have children starting school for the 
first time in September, and will have to buy school 
uniform. My advice is to buy more than you think you need. 
Children manage to get paint, crayon, mud and allsorts on 
every item they are wearing. Many of the big retailers sell 
school uniform, including Tesco, Asda and Marks & Spencer. 

However, there are many concerns about school uniforms 
offered by the big players. Often school skirts and 
trousers are made from synthetic substances and coated in 
Teflon for stain resistance. Teflon is made from a 
chemical compound which never breaks down has been found 
to be a "likely carcinogen".  Called PFOA, it is found in 
the blood of nearly everyone and also in animals from 
polar bears to eagles. In 2005 the makers of Teflon were 
fined 16.5 million dollars for failing to report that 
they had known since 1981 that PFOA  builds up in the 
body and can be passed to foetuses in pregnant women. 
PFOA also makes animals more susceptible to allergies: 
research has yet to be done on humans.

If you prefer a more ethical alternative then there are 
companies offering this, for example the E-mail: enquiries@cleanslateclothing.co.uk, 

Spirit of Nature
Fair trade and organic cotton uniforms.

Calico Moon
Supply a small range of organic cotton school uniforms.

A not-for-profit organisation selling socks and tights. 
These cost no more than on the high street but from the 
purchase price 10% is available for your school, 
20% goes to BBC Children in Need and the remainder of 
profits go to other charities.

Other Suppliers...

Marks and Spencer
Are donating 5% of every on-line purchase to the Save the 
Children charity. Go to

John Lewis
John Lewis have a wide selection of schoolwear.

Special Offers

50 Percent off in Boden's Summer Sale
  Save on men's, women's and children's summer clothes.

2 Weeks Travel Insurance for the whole family only 17.99 pounds
  If you're planning on taking the family away then make 
  sure you check out Essential Travel's fantastic travel 
  insurance rates.  To ensure you get the best deal quote 
  ref 100534.  This gives you two weeks in Europe for the 
  whole family for 17.99 pounds, a single trip from 
  6.99 per week or annual multi-trip cover from just 
  27.99 for the whole year.

CBeebies DVDs for just 4.99
  Just 4.99 for Balamory, Big Cook Little Cook, Fimbles, Brum, 
  Tikkabilla or Tweenies DVDs.

Free Delivery at Waterstones
  Free delivery on all items from Waterstones. There is 
  no minimum order - it's for everything.

Sky Reduces Installation Costs
  For a limited period Sky are reducing their installation 
  costs to just a one off payment of 30 pounds. That's a 
  40 pound reduction on their usual 70 pound installation 
  charge.  This means that there is no activation fee for 
  Broadband, no installation cost, just a one off payment 
  of 30 pounds.

For more special offers see

News and Events

To announce your event, or children related news here, 
fill in the form at https://www.under-fives.org/news.html
Announcements are free and reach our 756 subscribers. 
Plus the newsletters are available on the web site for our 
monthly 3500 visitors to read.

Busy Bodies Holiday Club
  Fun, games, crafts, drama, sport, dance, music and 
  activities for children aged 3 to 11.  Theme for the 
  summer is Jungle Book. Monday-Friday 8 am to 5.30 pm 
  until 31 August. Waterhouses (CE) School, Waterfall Lane, 
  Waterhouses, Staffs, ST10 3HY. Tel: 01538 308378.


  Think you may have postnatal illness or birth trauma? 
  The support and help you need is at the PNI-UK web 
  site - http://www.pni-uk.com/
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.

Naps can't compete with a night's sleep
  Children who nap in the daytime can find it 
  harder to sleep at night and may have lower mental 
  performance, according to a recent study.

Baby milk ads 'should be banned'
  A coalition of charities is demanding baby milk be 
  treated like tobacco and subjected to a total 
  advertising ban.  They want the government to extend a 
  ban on infant milk adverts to include "follow-on" milks 
  for older babies.  At present, companies are not allowed 
  to advertise formula milk for babies under six months.

Organic tomatoes are healthier for you
  A 10-year study comparing organic tomatoes with 
  those grown conventionally suggests organic food is 
  healthier for you.  According to the new findings, 
  antioxidants were found to be much higher in the 
  organic tomatoes.  Antioxidants have been linked 
  to reduced rates of cardiovascular disease, some 
  forms of cancer and dementia.

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