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Issue 15 : September 05

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 15 : September 2005

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What's New at the Web Site?

Kid's Corner Pre-School, Sudbury
  Open to all 2 - 5 year olds.  Sessions run from Monday 
  to Friday 9.00am - 11.30am for 38 weeks per year.  Children 
  can attend as many (or few) sessions per week as you would 
  like.  Secure playground area.


  Think you may have postnatal depression or illness? 
  The support and help you need is at the PNI-UK 
  web site - http://www.pni-uk.com/
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.


Book of the Month - There's No Such Thing as a Dragon 

by Jack Kent
ISBN: 0375832084
10% off from Amazon.co.uk

When Billy Bixbee finds a tiny dragon in his bedroom, his 
mother insists that "There's no such thing as a dragon!".  
This denial only makes the dragon get bigger.  He grows and 
grows until he's as large as Billy's house.

The book illustrates that ignoring a problem doesn't often 
solve it: but you don't need to emphasize the moral to enjoy 
the story. Just laugh at the postman chasing down the street 
after a house rapidly disappearing on the back of a dragon.

For ages two to five.

About the Author
Jack Kent wrote and illustrated around 40 children's books. 
Born 1920 in Iowa, he began his career as a freelance 
commercial artist before becoming a cartoonist. He began 
writing and illustrating children's books in 1968 and 
continued to produce children's books until he died of 
leukemia in 1985.

For more good children's books see 

News and Events

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Little Dippers Underwater Swimming
  Little Dippers is an inspirational training programme 
  to teach babies confidence in the water. Of all the 
  activities I did with my baby this was the most 
  worthwhile. The next classes are 1-2 October.

Recommended books on Postnatal Depression and Childbirth
  From the PostNatal Illness Support and Help Association, 
  a list of books to help you through postnatal illness.

Protests force swim rules update
  New guidelines have been issued after parents 
  complained that rules stopped them bringing young 
  children swimming.  The revision followed complaints 
  over a rule banning parents from taking more than one 
  child under four swimming.  The guidelines still 
  recommend this rule for an adult pool but only where 
  a child cannot swim and is not wearing armbands. 


 10% off your order with free shipping. Go to 

Baby Boosts Mother's Brain
  It is already well known that during pregnancy a small 
  number of fetal stem cells stray across the placenta 
  and into the mother's bloodstream. They can survive 
  for decades in tissues such as skin, liver and spleen, 
  where they have been shown to repair damage. Nature's 
  ploy to "treat mother" makes evolutionary sense too, 
  because the fetus has a better chance of survival if 
  the mother is fit and healthy both during and after 
  pregnancy. It is now thought that fetal cells may also 
  colonise the brains of mothers.

UK cot deaths rise after nine years 
  But while sudden infant death is always tragic, the 
  reason for the recorded rise is more through 
  investigation into the causes of death, say researchers

Cleaning chemicals reach unborn Babies
  Chemicals found in perfumes and cleaning products can 
  cross the placenta and reach the baby in the womb, 
  research shows.  WWF-UK and Greenpeace who produced 
  the report want to see regulations to ban such 
  substances in every day products.

Safe herbs and minerals for mother and baby
  A Canadian pharmacologist has compiled a comprehensive 
  listing of common herbs, vitamins and supplements and, 
  drawing on all available studies, have graded the 
  quality of evidence on their safety during pregnancy 
  and breastfeeding.

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