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Issue 26 : September 06

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 26 : September 2006

September is here already and some of you will have 
children going to school for the first time - I hope 
it is going well.  My daughter is already complaining 
that her teachers "boss her about".  

The exodus to school has left some toddler and play- 
groups depleted. So if you have been thinking of going 
to one now is a good time.  You'll get a very friendly 
welcome and it won't be too busy.  For a group near you 
see https://www.under-fives.org/playgroup.html

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What's New at the Web Site?

Trentham Gardens
  Woodland walk, rowing boats, mini steam railway and 
  adventure playground inside the Italian garden. Plus new 
  Monkey Forest lets children get close to monkeys in trees.    


  Do you provide a service for the under-fives?  Then 
  promote your business here.  Over 3000 people visit our 
  web site looking for things to do with their children.
  Visit https://www.under-fives.org/advert.html

  New information is on the playgroups page.

  I'm starting a page listing childminders - so if any 
  childminders are reading this and would like to be 
  added please e-mail me at jill@studholme.net. Please 
  do the same if you would like to recommend your 

News and Events

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NCT Nearly New Sale
  Sunday 24th September, 10 am - 12 pm at 
  Ashbourne Leisure Centre. For toys, clothes, cots, 
  books, pushchairs, maternity wear, etc.  If you have 
  baby equipment you wish to sell contact Kate 
  Fitzpatrick on 07909 984639.

Toys Needed for Toddler Group
  The Committee of Wirksworth Toy Library are planning 
  to set up a new Baby and Toddler group in Wirksworth.  
  They need donations of good quality baby toys (0-2 yrs) 
  (They need toys to start with before they can apply 
  for grants to buy new ones.) They are happy to collect 
  toys locally. They also need stair gates. If you can 
  help contact Hanna Link on 01629 826851.

Peter Pan Pantomime
  Tickets are now on sale for the Peter Pan pantomime 
  at the Derby Assembly Rooms, Fri 8 December to 
  Sunday 7 January. Tickets from 9.50.


  Think you may have postnatal depression or illness? 
  The support and help you need is at the PNI-UK 
  web site - http://www.pni-uk.com/
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.

Simple blood test may detect pre-eclampsia
  A simple blood test could predict a potentially 
  fatal pregnancy complication up to three months 
  before symptoms occur, researchers report. Pre-
  eclampsia is little understood complication occurring 
  in 5% of pregnancies. It is the leading cause of 
  premature delivery worldwide.

Morning sickness 'regulates diet'
  Morning sickness might have evolved to ensure 
  pregnant women do not digest too much unhealthy 
  food, say scientists.  They found evidence that 
  nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is associated with 
  high intake of sugar, alcohol, oils and meat.  Cereals 
  were least likely to trigger sickness.  Research has 
  suggested that morning sickness might have positive 
  consequences - such as a reduced risk of miscarriage.

Older dads boost risk of autistic children
  Men over 40 are almost six times more likely to 
  father a child with autism than younger men, according 
  to a new study.  Older maternal age was not found 
  to be a risk factor. 
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