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Issue 16 : October 05

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 16 : October 2005

Welcome to the newsletter with news and events for 
children under-five.  If you find it useful, please 
forward it to any friends who may also be interested. 
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What's New at the Web Site?

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Planet Happy
  Children's indoor play centre and cafe. Also caters for  
  children's parties. Heage Road Industrial Estate, Heage 
  Road, Ripley.

Book of the Month - Come on, Daisy!

by Jane Simmons
ISBN: 0316796034
3.99 from Amazon.co.uk

"You must stay close Daisy" said Mamma Duck.  But Daisy 
the duckling didn't. She was too busy chasing 
dragonfiles and bouncing with frogs.  Until she lost 
Mamma.  Then she noticed something big stirring beneath her 
and something scary screeching above her.  Daisy isn't 
alone for long though, as Mamma returns to fetch her with 
yet another "Come on Daisy".

A simple story, but delightfully written.  Children can 
readily identify with Daisy and instantly grasp the story. 
The artwork is fantastic.  Big, bright and cheerful 
brushstrokes as Daisy plays and has fun; darker when she 
gets lost and frightened.  Illustrations and text work 
beautifully together.

For ages nought to four.

About the Author
When writing Come on Daisy, Jane Simmons was living 
in an old converted lifeboat on the Cambridgeshire fens.  
She modelled Daisy on the ducklings she watched in the 
spring. As a mature student Simmons studied illustration 
at Anglia University.  During her course she won several 
awards including the Association of Illustrators Images 
20 Student Prize in 1995.  She has earnt a living at 
landscape gardening, futon making, teaching basket 
weaving and soft toy making, but finalised on writing 
and illustrating children's books.

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News and Events

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Snelston Mother Runs Half-Marathon in Memory of Son
  Last weekend Kate Stanton completed a half-marathon in 
  under two hours to raise funds to help new mothers in 
  South Africa's townships.  She is aiming to raise 5000 
  for the project, in memory of her baby son Louis.  Kate 
  has nearly reached her target: for information on how to 
  help her get there and make a donation please e-mail 

Charity Halloween Party
  The PNI-UK charity are raising funds by having a 
  Halloween Party.  To get your tickets phone Eva Brett 
  on 01335 342675 - everyone welcome. There will be a 
  paybar, food such as chilli, baked potatoes, chips, 
  hot pudding etc; with organic meatballs and mini organic 
  baked potatoes for the kids. The meatballs will be on 
  string so children can hold them up and eat them! 
  Dressing up for the adults and kids and a prize for the 
  best dressed people.  
  6- 10 pm Friday 28th October 2005 at Wyaston Church 
  Hall near Ashbourne (near the A52 Derby to Ashbourne Road).

Pirate crafts, Ashbourne library
  Pirate crafts activities for Family Learning Week on 
  Saturday 8th October at 10.45 am to 12.30 pm Ashbourne 
  Library, Cockayne Avenue, 01629 582480.


  Think you may have postnatal depression or illness? 
  The support and help you need is at the PNI-UK 
  web site - http://www.pni-uk.com/
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.

Mother's care best for children
  Young children looked after by their mothers develop better 
  than those cared for in nurseries, or by relatives or 
  childminders, research suggests.  Mothers were seen as 
  the best carers, followed by nannies and childminders, 
  then grandparents, and nursery care was the worst.  
  However, if mothers were suffering depression or had 
  priorities other than motherhood then alternative care 
  might be better.

Childcare stress for toddlers
  Other research finds that young children experience 
  heightened stress levels when they enter child care and 
  for several months afterwards.  Stress can be alleviated 
  if parents provide "child-focused emotional exchange", 
  particularly in the hours before sleep.  No mention was 
  made as to whether children who had experienced child 
  care were less stressed when they started school than 
  those who hadn't.   

Does your Child Have Difficulty Sleeping?
  It's estimated that a quarter of young children have 
  severe sleep problems. Some are there from the beginning, 
  while others only occur at certain times; with teething, 
  for example, or after an illness.  For help on getting a 
  good night's sleep see the BBC's new sleeping section.

Excercise Important During Pregnancy
  New article says exercise is still not adequately accepted 
  or recommended during pregnancy.  Women with healthy 
  pregnancies and no contraindications can exercise just as 
  their nonpregnant counterparts do. 

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