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Issue 106 : October 2013

Welcome to the Under-Fives Newsletter: thank you very much for subscribing. One of our readers, Cheryl, is looking for more people to make up an under-fives French class. Can you help? See the letters below.

Some interesting items in the news section today. Researchers have "found" what I suspect most parents already know, that children behave better if they have a regular bedtime. What did surprise me is that children's medicines contain colourings and preservatives which have been linked to attention deficit disorders such as hyperactivity, in spite of the government already requesting that they be withdrawn from all food and drink.

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Your Letters

French Classes

There aren't enough numbers for a French class (in Ashbourne) so if you hear of anyone else wanting lessons to make a group that would be great!


Cheryl has found a teacher for under-fives French classes but more children are needed to make the class viable in the Ashbourne area. If you are interested in French classes let me know and I'll pass the message on.

More information on French classes is at https://www.under-fives.org/activity.html#Languages

Events for Children

Toddler Time Bouncy Castle

Friday 1 November, 10-12 am, Wirksworth Leisure Centre.

Family Fun at the Farm

Autumn Activity Week at the Shugborough Estate Farm with spooky crafts, pumpkin carving and fun quizzes and trails. Under-fives free. Sat 26 Oct - Fri 1 Nov, 11 am - 4 pm.

Postman Pat

Thursday 31 October. See Pat and his friends live on stage at Stafford's Gatehouse Theatre.

Wirksworth Half Term Creche

Make the most of Wirksworth Leisure Centre facilities at half term whilst the creche keeps children from 2 months to 5 years amused.

Babbling Vagabonds shadow puppets workshop

Design and make your very own shadow puppet and bring it to life in your own story at this drop in workshop. Suitable for families with children aged four and above. Tuesday 29 October, 10.30 am -12 pm.

Pregnancy and Under-Fives News

Children with regular bedtimes less likely to misbehave

Children with erratic bedtimes are more likely to have behavioural problems - including hyperactivity, problems with peers and emotional difficulties - and demonstrate symptoms similar to jet lag. Children who had changeable bedtimes between the ages of three and five displayed better behaviour by age seven if their bedtimes had become more regular. If erratic bedtimes were not tackled, however, parents could expect their child's behaviour to progressively deteriorate.

Call to ban additives in children's medicines

Medicines that can be given to children as young as two months of age may contain colourings that the UK government requested were withdrawn from all food and drink.

Delay school for premature babies, says former Children's Commissioner

Babies born prematurely should have their school entry date determined by their due date, not their actual date of birth, the former Children's Commissioner has said, after a study found pre-term babies were more likely to go on to underperform at school.

Free vitamins plan for under-fives

All under-fives could get free vitamins under plans being considered by the Government. At present, only low-income families qualify for vitamins on the NHS but r ising fears about the number of children developing rickets - caused by a lack of vitamin D - has prompted a rethink. There are also worries over children not getting enough vitamin A.

Probiotics soothe some babies with colic

But there is no probiotic treatment parents can buy off the shelf. And aside from winding after a feed, there is little on offer that is proven to help.

Levels of aluminium in infant formulas too high

A team of researchers has measured levels in the most popular brands and claims they could pose a threat to health - a claim disputed by the Food Standards Agency.

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