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Issue 18 : December 05

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 18 : December 2005

A very happy Christmas to you and my best wishes for 
the New Year.  Thank you so much for subscribing to 
the newsletter - I hope you continue to find it useful. 

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What's New at the Web Site?

Cyril's Nut Hut
   Indoor adventure and soft play centre, Long Eaton.


  20% off a vast selection of posters and prints for 
  children. Just enter MZH4 in the "Add Gift Certificate 
  box" during checkout. But hurry, offer ends soon.

Crazy Crocodiles Toddler Time
    Pre-school craft activities, soft play, bikes, scooters, 
    and pushalongs. Mon - Fri 9.30 -2.30pm.  Runs term time 

More Money Off Internet Shopping
    If, like me, you are totally unprepared for Christmas 
    then hit the Internet and see what discounts companies 
    are offering for your Christmas shopping.

Book of the Month - Be Gentle!

by Virginia Miller
ISBN: 0744581311 
4.99 from Amazon.co.uk

Toddler Bartholomew the bear doesn't understand how to 
treat his kitten.  Repeated instructions to "Be Gentle" 
fall on deaf ears until the kitten runs and hides.  Luckily, 
the place the kitten chooses is also Bartholomew's favourite 
hiding place.  When, upset at his kitten's loss, he crawls 
in there he gets another chance to look after her.

The book shows children about animal behaviour: what they 
like and what they don't.  They are soon commentating on 
Ba's behaviour good and bad.

For ages 0-3.

For more good children's books see 

News and Events

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NCT Children's Christmas Party
  10th Dec at 3 - 5pm in St Oswalds Church Hall. 
  Under 6 months - free, 6 - 18 months 2.50, 
  Under 5's 4.50.  Entertainer and activity with tea and 
  Santa.  For further details and a ticket contact 
  Kate Stanton 01335 345217.

Now Updated: Postnatal Depression Leaflet
  New version of the leaflet describing the symptoms 
  of postnatal depression, postnatal illness and birth 
  trauma. It also gives advice on where to get help. 
  Print out your copy at 


  Think you may have postnatal depression or illness? 
  The support and help you need is at the PNI-UK 
  web site - http://www.pni-uk.com/
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.

Government Endorses Synthetic Phonics to Teach Reading
  The government has accepted a review which backs the 
  greater use of a method called synthetic phonics.
  Children are taught the sounds of letters and 
  combinations of letters before they move onto books 
  rather than reading simple books from the start. 

Early-hours nursery safety fears
  Nurseries in England often do not have enough staff at 
  the start of the day to ensure children's safety and 
  well-being, inspectors have found.

If expectant mums put on the pounds, so do the kids
  According to two new studies, overeating by expectant 
  mothers is an important but overlooked factor in the 
  inexorable expansion of the USA's waistlines.  
  Obstetricians agree that it is important for women to 
  gain some weight - beyond that of the developing fetus - 
  if they are to have a healthy pregnancy.  But excessive 
  amounts could lead to overweight children.

Call for tight childminder rules
  The mother of a baby boy who died while in the care of 
  a drunk child minder is pressing for tighter guidelines. 
  She is calling for childminders to have the same 
  training as nursery nurses and more stringent reference 
  requirements and a ban on people with drink problems from 
  looking after children.

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