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Issue 29 : December 06

The Newsletter on the Under-Fives
Issue 29 : December 2006

Welcome to the last newsletter of 2006.  I hope you have 
a happy Christmas and New Year.  There are some money-off 
vouchers below to help with your Christmas shopping.

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What's New at the Web Site?

18 Best Children's Books
  After four and a half years of research these are our 
  18 best books for children under-five.  Books children 
  will love and you won't get tired of reading.

Christmas Bestsellers
  Find the best selling gifts from shops like Boden, 
  Harrods, Hamleys, Figleaves and Tesco.  Plenty of ideas 
  for your Christmas shopping and all in one place.  No 
  need to trawl though lots of Internet sites.


Special Offers for Internet Shopping

Here are some of the best special offers we've been able 
to find to help with your Christmas shopping this year.

  Specialists in Ethical fashion.  Sign up for their 
  free newsletter and get 10% off your order.

  The new Boden Winter range has arrived and we love it! 
  They are offering 10 percent off, with free delivery and 
  free returns. New customers get 11 percent off. 

The White Company
  To welcome the arrival of the White Company's Christmas 
  collection, they are providing an exclusive offer of 
  10 percent off until the 20th December.  For gifts, 
  towels, bedding, children's clothes...

Adams Kids
  Adams Kids have some fantastic Christmas offers 
  including 3 for 2 on items including dressing-up outfits, 
  nightwear and accessories from Spiderman, Dora, Bratz and 
  Thomas the Tank Engine.

  You can get 55% off their deals of the week and three 
  paperbacks for £12.  Plus free deliver on orders over 
  just £15.  Try Amazon for books, CDs, DVDs and toys.

Win 1000 Pounds to Spend at Waterstones
  To celebrate the festive season, Waterstone's is 
  offering you the chance to win 1000 pounds to spend at 
  Waterstones. You don't need to buy anything, to enter 
  just register at the Waterstones web site at 
  http://waterstonesshop.at/jill?CTY=13 before 
  7 January 2007. Plus up to 50 percent off 
  Children’s Books.

Raise Money for your Good Cause

Last month we had an article on how to raise funds for 
your playgroup, church, community or charity.  You need 
no technical know-how, it takes just a few minutes, it 
costs nothing and it carries on raising money for you for 
years.  Quite a lot of interest was generated by this so 
here is a reminder of how to set up an internet shopping 

1. Go to http://fund-raising.at/henryprince?CTY=13
2. Click the relevant area of the page: clubs, charities, 
   schools or communities. (For playgroups, churches etc 
   choose communities.)
3. Click "Join now for free" and enter your organisation's 
   details.  Your store will be automatically created.

That's it.  All you need to do now is tell all your 
supporters the web address and let them know that every 
purchase they make via your store earns your organisation 
up to 12% commission.  Shops they can buy from include 
Marks and Spencer, HMV, Adams Kids, Amazon and the 
Early Learning Centre.  You will even be sent posters and 
leaflets to help promote your store.

To see an example of internet stores currently raising 
money for good causes go to 

http://www.buy.at/henryprince/ or

News and Events

To announce your event, or children related news here, 
fill in the form at 
It's free and reaches our 490 subscribers. Plus the
newsletters are archived on the web site for our 
monthly 3000 visitors to read.

Ashbourne Lantern Procession
  Friday 8 December. Assemble in Compton from 6pm.  
  Procession starts at 6.30 pm followed by carol singing 
  outside the town hall.  Also on the night: fun fair, 
  live entertainment, market stalls and late 
  night shopping.

Santa Specials on the Steam Trains
  Rudyard Lake Steam Railway, Churnet Valley Railway, 
  and Foxfield Railway are all running Santa Specials 
  this month. 

Arts and Crafts at Bumpi's Derby
  Every Tuesday and Thursday between 10.30 and 11.30 
  and again between 2.30 and 3.30, Bumpi's are running 
  arts and crafts or storytime sessions.


  Think you may have a postnatal illness or birth trauma? 
  The support and help you need is at the PNI-UK web 
  site - http://www.pni-uk.com/
  PNI-UK: Registered Charity 1105767.

Nurseries 'pose risk to children'
  Sending very young children to inadequate day nurseries 
  could lead them to develop behavioural problems, a 
  group of childcare experts has warned.

Mercury may contribute to premature birth
  Eating fish has long been tough choice for 
  expectant mothers.  On the one hand, it contains 
  omega-3 fatty acids, which can boost birth weight 
  and cognitive abilities.  On the other, fish can 
  also contain mercury, which causes severe 
  neurological damage to the fetus.  Now it seems 
  that mercury poses yet another risk: premature birth.

Cot Death Babies may have Brain Abnormalities
  Structural abnormalities in a baby's brain may lie 
  behind about half the cases of sudden infant death 
  syndrome (SIDS), according to new research. Other 
  factors are also in play, such as if the baby is 
  exposed to infection, a lack of oxygen 
  or overheating.
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, 2006
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