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Perinatal Illness - UK
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What is PNI-UK?

PNI-UK is a registered charity for women and their families who have, or think they have, any type of antenatal or postnatal illness. This includes all distressing psychological and emotional condition which has developed during pregnancy, birth or during the postnatal period. Postnatal illness is known as postnatal depression or postpartum depression outside the UK.

No one needs to suffer in silence.

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Message Board

Tell us about your situation. Others affected by PNI or birth trauma will be able to reply to your postings, and help to support you. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please register under another name rather than your own. The Message Board is here.

E-Mail Support

If you require one to one support via e-mail it will be with a woman who has recovered fully from PNI. Woman who have recovered have the ability to deal with the issues you present with PNI and to help and support you through this illness with its ups and downs. E-mail us and we will put you in contact with a mother who has recovered, and for men a father who has been through this situation and who has a wife or partner who has recovered. E-mail:

Support Group

PNI-UK runs a support group for anyone who can reach Ashbourne. We have a Crèche staffed by Social Services and police-checked qualified Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants. The support group is for women and men who are going through Birth Trauma or Postnatal illness of any type. We are there for you to see how others cope in a similar situation to you, to feel relaxed and supported and to ask for any information you may need to help you recover. This is a relaxed and informal meeting which others have found to be a life-line. You can leave when you want to, stay for the duration, sleep if you need to, let us make you a coffee or tea and help you relax! Please contact us first if you are interested in coming along - e-mail

What is Postnatal Illness?

It usually takes up to at least six months for a mother to tell someone how she truly feels. Some times it's longer. A mother may have felt 'not right' since pregnancy, having her baby or very soon afterwards. Some women say they 'knew' deep down they had postnatal illness since stopping breastfeeding, or 'Baby Blues' which hadn't gone away. In most cases, women thought they had something wrong but didn't say what it was for fear of having their baby taken off them by Health Visitors or Social Workers. Read more on postnatal illness...

More Information

For more information on antenatal and postnatal illness, depression, anxiety, birth trauma, etc - see the main PNI-UK web site or print off our leaflet: PNiSHA_Leaflet.pdf.